Baldwin Park (Los Angeles)



Monthly Medicine Needs:



About Me:

I’m a California native. I enjoy music, jazz, blues, reggae. I could keep going. I like to crochet when I can, but the pain I have in my hands makes it hard to do sometimes. Having the cannabis in my life helps me to move around and get my work done. And it puts me in a good spirit. It makes me sing. Raises my mood. It helps me focus too.

If someone were to help me with my monthly costs, it would help me bring in more food. Also buy clothes because I need new clothes. Pay some bills since I’m caretaker for my 87 year old father. It would be a blessing. I give thanks to our Heavenly Father for touching people’s hearts to help.

Medical Condition:

I’ve been diagnosed bipolar since childhood and medical marijuana really helps calm me down. Also nerve damage. When I was fifty, I was crushed by a 200 pound door. I can’t walk the way I used to and I have problems with my shoulders and arms. Arthritis has begun settling in. Cannabis helps my pain.