General Donations

Artists Collective has been called the “Newman’s Own of Medical Marijuana” by the New York Times. We’ve been on ABC News, BBC World, NPR, and all sorts of other places, all because we have a revolutionary business idea. Harness the billion dollar power of the marijuana seed to fund social good in America.

Still, when out delivering medical marijuana everyday, whatever your goal for the profits, you start realizing many of your stops are to patients too poor or sick to go to a store. It’s often the poorest, sickest, and most in need who depend on medical marijuana delivery services like ours to help them.

Cannabis Cares is our way of bringing a sense of community to some wonderful people we’ve met along our delivery route. We encourage you to visit their profiles, read their stories, and make a donation if you’re able.

Or donate here and we’ll pass those savings along to patients unable to appear on this website. 100% of your donation goes toward reducing medicine costs for poor and seriously ill members.

You can donate by clicking the button below. Thanks for your support!