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About Me:

My name is Ryan Shaw. I am 22 years old and have been fighting a childhood cancer for the past four years. In that time, I have been open to many new treatments and methods of healing and managing side effects from those treatments. This year is my first experiencing medical marijuana in my life! It has helped me deal with a lot of the side effects from this disease in a NATURAL HERBAL WAY.

This has been amazing considering it also helped me get off a number of synthetic drugs that were causing more problems. Marijuana has helped me to keep an active lifestyle without being too drugged to function.

I believe that during this process of healing, it’s important to keep life as normal as possible. I continue to play in a band I created six years ago called The Early Strike and cancer hasn’t stopped me from writing music and touring the world. I believe that having something to live for helps keep me going strong. I’m just trying to be a positive influence for anybody dealing with personal struggles, show them that they can get through anything without having to be miserable. Life is too short. As a musician, I don’t make rock star money. It can be hard to afford medical marijuana because it isn’t covered by my insurance. Any help that you can offer to help make things easier to afford my medicine would be greatly appreciated. And anytime I’m in town for a show, I will for sure have to get you some passes so we can have a good time! Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.

Medical Condition:

Sarcoma Cancer